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If I ever see any of you in public, the code is 

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No stop changing it!

Its “hey I like your shoe laces!”
And the response is “thanks I stole them from the President!”

no its

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Oh my gosh.

Tumblr, you see everything.

I love you.

Okay, analysis of this gif:

1. Gay couple.

2. The guy on the far right checking them out is obviously in love with one of them & is completely jealous.

3. The lion is raising it’s eyebrows.


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"DC Bombshells" — bAnt Lucia

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Diana has no time for your sexist rhetoric.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman 05 // Ivan Cohen, marcusto

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I really like this gif because Stitch does that little squinty thing that animals do when they’re really happy and relaxed and you can tell that he’s having such a superb time playing that little ukulele

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turn ur child into a furry for only $22.99 at ur local michaels

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It never has.

This is a concept most of tumblr can’t wrap their head around.

i’ll reblog this every single time i see it

We all should. Let’s make this thing go viral. 

Signal Boost.

Oh my god yes. Tumblr seems to think nowadays that in pretty much all situations, hate will end hate, and it just doesn’t. People need to see and realise this.

people don’t understand that when you’re hateful and ignorant, you just piss others off and they’ll be even more resistant to change. however if you’re rational and calm when you try to educate others, then they are much more inclined to change their ways.

but when you’re barked at and given hate, all you will do it tense up and resist what they’re telling you.

and don’t start the shit about “well the hate we get is worse” because ignorance is not the justice for ignorance.

an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.


The difference between a black person saying ‘i hate white people’ and a white person saying ‘i hate black people’ is:

one is exasperation from a system that fucks POC over that ALL WHITE PEOPLE are complicit in and benefit from and literally holds no power to oppress or do anything to anyone outside of make white people feel a bit uncomfortable because of their privilege.

One has historical, systematic, and legitimized power behind it that has been and is still used to constantly keep black people down and ‘other’d’.

Stop comparing the anger of the oppressed with the actual legitimate hate of the oppressors and the privileged.

It is true that reverse hatred won’t counter-act hatred. Certainly venting will make you feel better, but if you’re barking and screaming against a stereotypical norm, i.e. for the oppressed against the oppressors, the above applies. They’ll become more resistant to the changes you’re trying to make.

The best way to bring down a good cause is to support it in the wrong way. [examples being, Darren Wilson’s supporters(specifically the KKK and WBC, who cast an already villainous light on the situation that he’s in for his actions.)]

And tone policing the oppressed does nothing to help the oppressed. You need to recognize that the oppressed need to vent and express their anger. It’s healthy, it’s important. 

Also how the fuck are darren wilson supporters supporting a good cause? are you fucking serious? he fucking killed an unarmed black teenager and is getting a paid vacation! 

No, the quickest way that a good cause is brought down is by privileged people refusing to support that good cause. 

This post started allright but ended badly. I really belive love, comprehension and a calm way of explaining the diferences wil make the change, venting your anger into other people should be explained to be ‘venting your anger’ because people often vent their anger as if everything they say is the absolute truth and we all should feel like them. Everyone has problems and like to talk about them when they feel like it, but isn’t saying it better than angryly say it?
Like saying you hate how you are viewed by sociaty is different than saying that sociaty should be hated for viewing you in a bad way.  
Like the first phrase will get support and maybe other people can tell their similar stories, but the second one will only bring more hate and frustration.
I really belive is better to say your problems and state your feelings, but it’s not good to go and angrilly(?) type at the world because you hate the situation you’re in. We all have situations we hate, you are not the only one, i for example feel the diference when i tell my friend when my group doesn’t do a damn thing for the paper we have to make and i trow a tantrum to my friends and i end up taking it out on them… aaaand how different it feels when i tell them that i feel bad because my group doesn’t help in a calm moderate tone, trying to seek for ways to make it better. I know this because i’ve done this and afterwards i’ve though ways to make my words become more clear… im still wortking on it though, hope people get my point…:)  

That’s great that that works for you. Many people need to fucking vent. 

When I can’t watch a simple pokemon match without there being rape and sexist jokes, when what I can comfortably watch is limited. When my messages to people are ignored or laughed at, when MEN fuck my life in 1000 fucking ways, i need someone to vent to. 

I tend to keep it out of my blog because i use my blog less as a personal blog or a diary and more as a way of spreading posts, but other people use their blogs like journals or diaries. 

Also, ‘We all have situations we hate’ FALSE EQUIVALENCE. Your group members not doing something isn’t even slightly comparable to the systematic oppression of whole groups of people. They are not the same thing and cannot be handled in the same way.

Your experiences =/= other peoples. 

Hell, I do calmly talk and explain things to people and get constant hate mail for it. 

Emma Watson made the most men friendly feminism speech i’ve ever seen and the answer to it was the same- sexual and violent threats. 

Some truths are not worthy to certain people.
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Tumblr wasn’t letting me add more than one image to the ask so I’m just posting separately *_*

I had way too much fun with this one

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